Friday, January 4, 2013

Site Update 7.1 (2013 Edition)

You may have noticed the site has changed somewhat since the last time you were here.  Most readers don't have a clue as to what I have been doing in my everyday life for the past few years.  Welp, you are looking at a culmination of the last several years of living, working and playing.  I'll explain more later...

For now you can take a gander back at some old blog posts and browse the site for dietary supplements.  Let me assure these are 100% legal and nothing like the "Bath Salts" or "Spices" you see on the NEWS.  I've worked in this industry for a while now and have no problem telling you what is harmful and what is no more dangerous than a cup of coffee.  You can find most of these items are your local health food store or GNC.  The catch is it's cheaper to get them from us and we offer FREE SHIPPING!

For those that bitch and moan that DontBeRough is never updated let me assure it will be updated more often with lots of humor and stories to help you pass the time.  If you are only visiting the site to read the blog I completely understand but also know that buying from this site helps pay the bills.  In the coming weeks we will offer much more than supplements including T Shirts so feel free to buy one of those to help us out.  

You can also help us out by liking us on Facebook & Twitter and most importantly telling your friends about us.  This means you! 

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Have a great weekend and as I am sure nobody will read this plan on seeing it again Monday morning when you check the site.


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