Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who's the Boss?

It's a Hard Knock Life...

Most of the people in my office are out of town this week for various reasons. As luck would have it that makes me "Boss" by default! So for my first order of business I changed our hours to open earlier in the day and didn't tell anyone. I followed that up by firing a shipping guy who was late. Fair or not it set an example to the rest of the crew and things have been moving smoothly ever since.

My second order of business was to balance the lunch budget. My company is very generous and buys lunch for its employees daily but sometimes it can get out of hand. To remedy this we had Chinese today and five people ate for $36. Not bad, but considering $36 could feed 500 people in China it's not good either and I plan to get it even lower tomorrow.

Finally to cut out Overtime for the people that did make it to work on time this morning I have unplugged the time clock. This will show up as 8 hours of work but they will really be doing 12.

Tomorrow I plan to tackle World Peace if my co-workers ever untie me from this chair...

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Becky said...

i really wish you were wearing scoops in this picture