Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sold On...........Not Sold On

Random things that I am "Sold On" and "Not Sold On"

Sold on:People telling me they like my blog.
Not Sold On:People bitching when I don't update it daily.

Sold on:
Not Sold On:Drinking too much while eating Raisinets and not knowing if you spilled them in your seat or if you have shat yourself.

Sold on:Needing to call the doctor because you have "Hawks Fever"
Not Sold On:Needing to call the doctor because you have "Swine Flu"

Sold on:Getting a new neighbor
Not Sold On:My new neighbor being a dude.

Sold on:Updating my blog while sitting by the pool.
Not Sold On:Having an asshole tell me I need to purchase a membership in order to use the internet account at the pool.

Sold on:Continuing to update my blog while that asshole looks at me.
Not Sold On:My laptop battery dying and that asshole thinking he ran me off.

Sold on:Eating Taco Bell 3 times a week.
Not Sold On:My heart exploding.

Sold on:Single women with dogs.
Not Sold On:Katie getting rough.

Sold on:Drinking beer in the pool.
Not Sold On:Stepping on a shard of glass from a broken beer bottle at the pool.

Sold on:Joe Biden entertaining me with his comments.
Not Sold On:The Secret Service taking a bullet for Joe Biden one day.

Sold on:The Millionaire Matchmaker Club on Bravo
Not Sold On:The host not being a man dressed in drag.

Sold on:Pizza
Not Sold On:Uhhh...yeah there is nothing bad about pizza.

Sold on:Conan O'Brien
Not Sold On:Jimmy Fallon

Sold on:"Rachel"
Not Sold On:"Pam"


Katie said...

Sold on: this post
Not sold on: Josh blogging about shitting himself.

Sold on: someone bringing steak biscuits in to work this morning
Not sold on: having to give half of my biscuit up so that there are enough to go around

Erin said...

Josh, don't get rough with me. Katie, just wanted to let you know that Josh compared you to Judas yesterday.

Josh said...

Erin will be playing the lead role of Judas now.

Team Thompson said...


Doesn't your steak biscuit situation pretty much sum up what Obama wants to do?

Josh said...

Notice how Katie didn't actually bring in the biscuit herself but then got mad because she didn't get the whole thing.


Katie said...

DAMN. I'm Judas now? Awesome. I guess I won't be making your list of friends for 2010? Good thing I have lots of dirt on you!

Harry, I think that is kinda what Obama wants to do. And then he wants his government healthcare system not to treat us after we have a heart-attack from eating all the steak biscuits that he so generously "gave" us.

Robby said...

Sold: laptop on my lap on Friday nights.

Not sold on: the sauna feel I get from the heat of my laptop.

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