Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Format - Same Stoopidity

The New Phone Books are Here the New Phone Books are Here...

It's been a while since my last post as most of you have pointed out to me...over...and...over...repeatedly. (I guess that's a good thing) But now I'm back with a new format and more frequent updates. I know you won't believe me so you will just have to come back DAILY to see for yourself. Yes, DAILY...I don't believe that one myself.

Here's the catch...I ask that you do 2 things before you click away.

First tell a friend about the site. I don't care if they think it's funny or stupid or what. Just tell somebody and hopefully they will do the same. I know most of you have already done so and thanks for that.

Second click on the ads before you leave. You don't have to buy anything and these ads won't lead to viruses or downloads. If enough people click on the ads I will be able to buy beer which in turn leads to better blogs and shenanigans.

It literally takes 2 seconds and you can just close the page after you click the advertisement.

On to the new stuff.

  • Monday - Random Musings - If it pops in my head and seems absurd then it will go here.
  • Tuesday - Intervention Recap - If you don't watch this show on A&E then start now!
  • Wednesday - Scoops and Ups - Back by popular demand you will get your scoops fix here.
  • Thursday - Craigslist Hi Jinx - You will have to see it to understand.
  • Friday - ThatManDintcare - Dedicated to those people who just do not care.

Since it's Wednesday it's time for some Scoops and Ups! If you are new to the blog or just need a refresher on past Scoop articles you can find them here, here and here.

I want people to think I am David Beckham even though I am
standing in line for fast food and can't find a date to save my life.

Maybe this man just left his indoor soccer game? Nope...These Scoops are way to white to have ever been used in a real game. Plus there are no shin guards to be seen so this man is defiantly a poser. I think he is just practicing for retirement life in Boca...alone.
(Thanks to M. Finely for sending this in)

Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section. If I like it I will post it and if I don't I will tell you were you can go...


Unknown said...

get to clickin' my ads, and I'll click yours. I'll be checking my balance and until I'm at 8 bucks, you get no clicks. kidding. sort of.

Anyway, I'm liking this new idea, and I think maybe today I'll blog about your comeback. :)

layout is good too.

Erin said...

Josh, I was about to start clicking on your ads, but then I noticed that The Closet is not among the blogs you have listed as your friends. What is the deal with that? And don't say I'm being rough.

Becky said...

I like it!

So, does Google pick the ads based on your blog content? That could be dangerous here.

Google is scary.

Robby said...

nice and much overdue.

Team Thompson said...

I am looking forward to Tuesdays. Intervention is a great show for me to feel better about myself by looking down at other people's weaknesses and addictions.

My personal favorite interventions are female alcoholics. There is nothing quite so breathtaking as a grown women gulping vodka like its water.

Also.....would the guy in today's picture be classifed as EuroScoop? Just a suggestion.

Katie said...

I agree with Team Thompson on the Intervention thing, although I much prefer a good heroin addiction to a simple alcohol problem. Or meth, meth is good too. Don't be rough about that statement.

Glad you're back.

And click my ads as well and I'll click yours!