Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm alive and so is the scoop craze.

It's been a while since I've posted and yall have let me know about it. I think everyday somebody has asked (told me) to post again. I've had people send me pictures from Savannah to Macon to Clemson and in between.

Let's get to the Scoops along with a couple of surprises...

Check out this kid's scoops and ups. It almost looks like he is in one
giant up with sleeves cut out the side of it. No idea who's kid this is but
I found him at a wedding in Macon a couple of weeks ago. He was last seen
drinking a Bud Lite while hitting on bridesmaids. Probably a future doctor.

More baby scoops? These things are mass produced in China and I'm pretty
sure when the Chinese finally decide to attack us they will all be wearing scoops.
Turns out these aren't baby scoops at all...The Chinese just have really small feet.

Billiard Scoops - These scoops are so bright they blurred my camera.
This man actually lost these scoops playing pool a few hours after
this picture was taken. He was devastated and was last seen
walking the streets of Clemson in just his ups.

Pee Wee Herman Scoops - I think this girl was trying to do
the Tequila Dance made famous by Pee Wee Herman when
he stands up on his toes in his white scoops.
(Capris and Scoops do go together Becky)

Softball Scoops - If you have ever been to a softball field you have
seen a 40 year old man wearing these. And you know what I mean...

European Scoops - These things could have come over on the Mayflower
for all I know but I wish they would go back. I don't think you can
physically wear Ups with these Scoops as the earth may just stop spinning
if you try. One thing I am sure of is men who wear these are either talking to
the hottest women in the room or gay. Could be both...

The Star Spangled Banner Scoops - I have never seen anybody holding
their own scoops in their hands until now. Then it hit me! This lady has
removed her scoops like you remove your hat at a football game when
The National Anthem is played. She respects the Flag and her Scoops...
God bless her and God bless America.

Scoops Sign - Scoops now has it's own store. Thanks to Steve for sending
me this. As you can tell it was in the fourth slot on this billboard but has
moved up to third. If I was Publix I would watch my back.
The Supreme Dollar Store doesn't stand a chance and will be gone by Sunday.

Sharks love Scoops too - I took a picture of a lady wearing scoops at the
bank last week. I was going to post it but then I saw that she only has one arm.
The first thing I thought about was a horrible shark encounter where she fought
off Jaws and gave up her arm for her Scoops. I'm probably going to hell anyway but
I don't need to get there any sooner than scheduled so I'm not posting the picture.
Instead I'm posting this picture of Steven Spielberg wearing
Scoops and Ups in a sharks mouth. He is crooozin.

Now for the Fan of the Week...

I posted my blog on a message board a few times and it has gotten a little following.
As it turns out some people will do anything to be a part of this thing.

Meet Lee Lance.

It was just another Sunday in the mall when he spotted a pair of Scoops so
great that he stopped dead in his tracks and decided to became a part of
history. Lee tells me he saw these things in the window and made his wife
go in to the store without telling her why. He put on an Up and a Scoop
then made her take a picture all the while other people in the store were
looking at him like he had lost his mind. He then put the Scoop back in the
box and left the store without saying a word.

That my friends is what gets you named the first ever Fan of the Week!

Lee Lance - Super Fan


Katie said...

damn. i thought i was the fan of the week?

guess i'll have to try harder next week

Becky said...

Your blog has cursed me. I cannot go anywhere without noticing scoops and ups. Thanks.

Best post yet by the way.

Anonymous said...

what in the hell are ups?

Josh said...

Maggie keep reading and you will find out what Ups are.

ariel said...

hilarious! just a friendly reminder that you owe your loyal readers a post about the true definition of scoops! you promised!!

Team Thompson said...

Would RUN DMC be considered pioneers of the scoop revolution?