Monday, September 22, 2008

More Scoops

Sorry for the delay in posting these but thanks to everybody who told me over the weekend how much they like the blog and the places they have seen scoops.

This man is so relaxed. I'm sure he was enjoying a tasty burger or maybe even a steak and shrimp dinner. He just looks so comfortable in that booth with one leg over the other. It's almost like the brown shoes are jealous that they aren't scoops themselves. (kelly sent this one in)

Kiddie Scoops - This kid is ready. He will most likely graduate on to the scoops with velcro in a few years but these are good for now. No word if his mom still has to tie these scoops or not. You can see the girl in the background eyeing his scoops. She's jealous. (Claire sent this picture in)

These are Church Retreat Scoops. Notice the Bible in the picture. Little known fact that most of the The Twelve Apostles wore scoops. Judas was the first known person to wear "ups" with his "scoops" and you see how he turned out. (Picture by Taylor)

Mass Production Scoops - You get these when you sign up for freshman classes at GA Tech. (Picture by Kelly)

Coaching Scoops - Most coaches wear scoops. That doesn't make you a good coach by any stretch of the imagination. If it did Tommy Bowden would have won a title by now.

The Total Package - I spotted this man about 20 feet away at the book store. I saw the scoops first then noticed the chain that connects his wallet to his pants. Chain wallets really go well with a pair of scoops nicely and will eventually get its on thread on Don't Be Rough Blog. Its as if this man knew I have a website that highlights scoops and he wanted to show his off. He walked right over posed for a few seconds while pretending to look at magazines. I only hate I couldn't get his full body in the photo as he had a mullet to go with the chain and scoops. the picture is not clear becasue I was shaking with excitement. I am sorry.

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